As a membership network based on trusted community, our top priority is to ensure that Kindred continues to provide a safe, consistent, and friendly home swapping experience for all members. Because of that, our bar for trust and member conduct is extremely high.

To join, a prospective member must have a home that meets our minimum standards for safety and quality.

Before taking a trip, Kindred verifies member identity with government issued IDs. We also connect with members on social media, and send photographers to member homes to ensure images are accurate representations of the home.

In addition to vetting, we also personally onboard new members before their first time hosting or booking a Kindred stay to ensure that all members know exactly what to expect, what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, and have reviewed our Member Code of Conduct.

During a trip, the Kindred concierge is a text away should members need any support. We monitor group chat conversations and gather feedback after trips, and we do remove members who do not adhere to the Member Code of Conduct. We have extremely high standards for trust and conduct.