Kindred is the first company that makes home swapping both trusted and convenient.

Home swapping has been around for a long time in the form of websites or chat groups where unverified users can post their own listings. With platforms like this, users don’t know if the posted homes are real, and it can be very hard to sift through listings to find a good match. If you find a stay, there are a ton of logistics to deal with to set up the trip, and the experience is high risk and unpredictable.

Kindred, on the other hand, is a vetted community that offers a full service travel experience, including matchmaking and 24/7 trip support, delivered through an elegant mobile app. We seek to make every step of the journey thoughtful, reliable, and simple. That means providing members with sheets, towels, and other essentials to make hosting easy, providing complimentary toiletries for each stay, and taking on the burden of coordinating cleaning before and after each stay so you don’t have to stress.