Kindred accepts homes and apartments that are located in one of our active service areas and meet our minimum requirements for being safe, functional, and thoughtfully furnished.

  1. Safe: Homes must have an active renters or homeowners insurance policy, must be secure and lockable, and cannot have any obvious health or safety hazards present. For a full list, please see the Property Requirements in our Terms of Service.
  2. Functional: Given that the average Kindred swap is 5-7 nights, we seek to ensure all Kindred homes would serve as functional accommodations for an individual who may need to work remotely during the week. This means we require wifi, comfortable seating, access to kitchen appliances and basic cooking utensils, desk or tabletop space, and natural light.
  3. Tastefully furnished: Kindred homes look and feel like real homes, not half-empty vacation rentals. We accept homes with tasteful and contemporary interior decoration. If you have art on your walls, mirrors, plants, window dressings, rugs, and a bed frame, you’re on the right track. We want homes with soul, and so please don’t feel the need to take down your family pictures or unique decor, or remove your socks from your sock drawer – we like the things that make your home a reflection of the creative, generous, kind person who lives there.