Letting people know you’re interested in swapping is quite different than listing your home as available.


“I’m looking for a swap” means that you’re open to traveling over these dates, but your home isn’t necessarily vacant unless you can find a swap with another member.  Members generally use this option as a way of indicating ‘conditional availability’ i.e. - “if I find another Kindred home, my home will be available.” 

You can denote this by clicking on the “+” button and selecting “I’m looking for a stay or swap”, and specifically selecting the “Swaps” button. Your home will show up as “Seeking Swaps” to members in the areas you indicated you’d like to swap to, over the dates you selected.


On the contrary, adding your hosting availability from the “+” menu in the app means that your home has confirmed vacancy and that you’re open to hosting members while you’re away in exchange for credits (which you can use to travel to other available homes on the platform at a later time). See how to add availability here.

Members generally add hosting availability when they plan to be away from home but aren’t necessarily looking for another Kindred home to swap to at the same time. Your home will show up as “Available” to all members on the platform over the dates you selected.

You can also reference our Availability vs. Swap Guide, listed in our “Guides” section of our resources page for more details.