Members of Kindred will have access to our mobile app, which you can download on both iOS or Android devices. 

To log into the app, you’ll use the email with which you applied to Kindred, entering it into the app and clicking “Login”. You’ll then receive an email to that email address with a “magic link” (screenshot below). Open that email on your mobile device, and click the link - doing so will log you into the app!

What if I’m having trouble?

  • Confirm you’re using the correct email address - the one you used to register for Kindred!
  • Confirm you’re on the latest version of the app - go to your device’s app store and ensure there’s no further updates
  • Check your spam/junk folder

What if I’m not receiving a link?

  • This means that you’re not yet a member - As a members-only platform, we cannot provide access to the app until your home has been accepted

What if I am a member, but this still won’t work?

  • Try this workaround:
    • On the app, enter the email you applied to Kindred with, and click on “Sign in to Kindred”.
    • Open the “Sign in to Kindred” link you received in your email, and copy the link - open it in a web browser.
    • Click “Copy Code” on the webpage that takes you to.
    • Go back to the app and click on “Having trouble logging in?”.
    • Paste the code you copied.

If the issue persists, please message your Kindred Concierge and we’ll assist! 

  • SMS/Text: +1 (989) 546-3733
  • Whatsapp: +1 (989) 441-0666