Setting up your profile in app is a great way to get other members excited about hosting you! You’ll be able to create a profile for both yourself as well as your home, all in the “Profile” tab in app!

You can create & edit your user profile directly in the app! (iOS or Android)

  • Open the Kindred App
  • Select "Profile" on the bottom
  • Make sure "Me" is selected on top 

We recommend adding a reusable video to your profile so hosts can get to know you a bit more when you request to stay at their home. 

You can also create your home profile in the same spot, just toggle to “Home” on top. We don't quite yet have the ability for members to edit their home details themselves (coming soon!), but in the meantime you can share any changes you'd like to see by texting your Kindred Concierge, who can make updates for you! 

  • SMS/Text: +1 (989) 546-3733
  • Whatsapp: +1 (989) 441-0666