Service fee:

  • The Kindred experience includes various services that are covered in a nightly service fee:
  • Host protection policy
  • Toiletry refresher kit for your stay
  • End-to-end logistics coordination (booking cleaning, guest support, access etc.)
  • 24/7 support during trips

The service fee depends on your membership tier:

Base Membership

varies from $5-$25 per night based on the location and length of your stay. Month-long stays start at just $8/night!

Kindred Passport

Members who upgrade to Kindred Passport will enjoy $0 in service fees on every trip, regardless of length and location of stay! Members can choose to pay $600 for the full year or $55/month in 12 installments. Please contact your concierge to upgrade.

Founding Members

Our founding members (you know who you are!) will continue to be grandfathered into a flat $50 service fee per trip until May 30, 2023, after which you will be automatically rolled into the Base Membership with no annual commitment.

Cleaning fee:

  • To maintain a high quality experience for both guest and host, we ask all guests to cover two cleanings: one cleaning before the trip and one cleaning after the trip.
  • This way, guests can arrive at a home that is set to the familiar Kindred experience, and hosts can return to a home cleaner than they left it.
  • The cleaning fee ranges depending on the number of bedrooms from $125/clean - $200/clean (or $45/clean - $65/clean for homes in Mexico).

Credits (see below):

  • Give a night, get a night: One credit will be used for each night that you stay in another member’s home.
  • Members can find their credit balance in the App, or message their concierge at any time.


  • Kindred is a give-to-get marketplace. Here, every member is both a guest and a host. The members who get the most are not those who pay the most, but those who give the most. Kindred members contribute, participate, and take an active role in their own experiences – they don’t just consume – and they are earnestly excited when they get to help another.
  • In your first year, your membership will include 5 free credits to begin using Kindred as a guest prior to becoming a host, if you choose.
  • Give a night, get a night: One credit will be used for each night that you stay in another member’s home. For each night you host, you earn a credit.
  • One credit equals one night at a member’s home.
  • For reciprocal swaps (2 members swap homes over the same timeframe), no credits are used.
  • Credits are not fungible, they may not be traded for cash and cannot be exchanged with or gifted to other members.
  • Members of a Kindred Member’s household or immediate family (e.g. spouse, partner, parent) may be authorized to stand in their shoes and use their credits to stay as a Guest. As always, the Host maintains the authority to approve any Member or Authorized User for a proposed stay, and all individuals staying overnight must be disclosed and approved as per the Member Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service (Section 6D, ”Travel Companions”).
  • Credits do not expire, but are only in effect so long as a member has a valid Kindred annual membership. Credits that are not used when a member terminates their membership will be forfeited.

How to earn credits:

Become a member!

Kindred members will automatically start with 5 credits when they purchase a membership and become part of the community. The annual membership fee is not charged until their first trip is booked.

Host a guest!

For non-reciprocal swaps, hosts earn 1 credit for each night a guest stays at their home. They can then apply these credits towards other stays in the future.

Refer a friend!

Refer a member using your personal invite code, and once they’re accepted, you will earn 2 credits.

Make your home available!

For every night you make your home available to other members (even if nobody stays!) you earn 1/5 credit.