We try our best to ensure that trips go according to plan, but we know that sometimes life happens! Our cancellation policy is intended to ensure Kindred members have a consistent and predictable experience when booking travel, while also accommodating reasonable flexibility for changing plans.

Any cancellations within 30 days of the guest’s arrival date will be considered a “Late Cancellation”. In the event that a host cancels, Kindred will support the guest in finding alternative accommodations on Kindred, if available. If not available, our trip protection policy will kick in to help offset the costs of the guest finding alternate accommodations or changing flights.

In the event of a host repeatedly making Late Cancellations without good reason, Kindred may review their standing as a member of the Kindred network.

Guest-initiated Late Cancellations may result in the guest having to forfeit their service fee and their credits.

Please review our full Cancellation Policy here.