Yes! We know that travel is always better when you can share it with your people.

When booking a stay with travel companions, members must disclose any overnight guests ahead of time. You'll be able to indicate whether you plan on bringing any guests when you submit your initial request to the host in the app. It is ultimately up to the host to approve of overnight guests. This is critical to ensure members are always kept up-to-date on who is staying in their home, and helps us deliver a safe and consistent experience for all members.

When bringing guests, members are responsible for educating them on all house rules and Kindred’s Member Code of Conduct, and will be held accountable for the behavior or actions of any of their guests. Pro tip - we recommend all overnight guests review the host’s home guide before the stay. You can access this on each trip’s detail page in the app, by going to the “Trips” tab.

Please note - Kindred has a “no party” rule. We limit overnight guests to 6, and prohibit any large gatherings of 10 or more people in a Kindred home at any given time without explicit prior permission. If you are looking for a venue to host a party, we have a few ideas for some other platforms you can use :)

We also allow members to book on behalf of immediate family (spouse, parent, or partner) as long as you disclose it to Kindred and the host ahead of booking. This is also outlined in our Kindred’s Member Code of Conduct.