Members can bring pets on a Kindred stay if that is expressly discussed and agreed upon by the members ahead of booking, and if pets are allowed in the hosting member’s building or lease.

If members request to bring their pet on a trip, they must share a picture of their pet and details about their pet care arrangements in the video introduction (must include pet age, type, shedding/non-shedding, level of training if relevant, whether they will be leaving the pet unaccompanied in the home without a crate or enclosure, and whether they will need to grant home access to a dog walker or similar).

Bringing pets requires informed and enthusiastic host consent each and every time. One of our member conduct values is to over-communicate, and this is especially important with pets. Any inaccurate or omitted information about bringing a pet is considered a Major Code of Conduct violation and may result in removal from the network.

You can read more about our pet policy in our Terms of Service.