Kindred credits represent “earned nights” that a member can spend to stay in a Kindred home. We designed Kindred to be a give-to-get community, where you must contribute the  to the community in order to benefit from it. Members who host others earn credits that they can use to book a stay at a different home at a later time.

Currently, 1 credit = 1 night at any home, anywhere in the world. Credits do not have any assigned monetary value and cannot be purchased or sold.

There are only 3 ways to earn credits:

  1. Newly accepted members unlock several “starting” credits upon completing their profile
  2. Members earn 1 credit per night that they host another member
  3. Members can also earn credits by referring friends who are accepted into the community

If you would like to earn more credits, we recommend referring friends to Kindred, and adding more home availability to increase the chances of a member booking your home. You can also share details about your home on social media and tag our members-only instagram for a feature! Some members also like to post in the community Slack groups to share what’s so special about their city, town, and home.