Before a member’s first time hosting, Kindred provides a Host Kit that includes all the essentials needed to make preparing your home for a Kindred stay quick and easy.

What does a Kit include?

  • A fresh set of guest linens, including sheets, a duvet cover, bath and hand towels, and a bath mat, for you to leave out. The cleaners will make the bed.
  • A Guest Essentials pouch packed with toiletries and items for your guest to enjoy. We partner with fantastic consumer brands like Aesop to provide high quality, travel sized essentials.
  • A Kindred lockbox, if needed, so you can securely leave key
  • A new, individually wrapped kitchen sponge that you can leave out for your guest (we know that sometimes having someone else use your sponge can give people the ick!)
  • A set of removable “Privacy Please” stickers that you can use on drawers, cabinets, or doors to indicate if you’d prefer a guest not use something

💡 You can read more about preparing your home in the **How To Prep Your Home** guide.

My Kindred kit doesn't look like the usual one

On rare occasions, the Guest Essentials kit you’ll receive when you arrive at your Kindred home might be slightly different from what you have seen on social media or when traveling with Kindred before. This is because we are currently reshuffling global inventory. 

You can still look forward to receiving a carefully selected shampoo, conditioner, and body wash laid out for you on the towels or in the bathroom.