What is it

Your home guide is something that is uniquely yours! It’s a guide that you fill out (and we collate) where you can share your home quirks, WiFi information, nearby recommendations, and more, that gets shared with every guest who stays at your home! 

Why is it important

Your home guide, once filled out, will be listed in the “Trip Details” for any guest that has a confirmed stay in your home. 

Members find that their home guides help guests better understand how they can best utilize your home during their stay, and treat it like their “Best Friend’s Grandma’s Home” (BFGH). 

How to fill it out

You’ll be prompted to fill out your Home Guide the first time you host on Kindred. Once a trip is confirmed to your home, you’ll be guided to complete hosting tasks in the Kindred App, one of which includes filling out a brief survey to populate this home guide. You can also share additional details with your guests at any time in the group chat created for your trip.

How to edit

We don't have the ability for members to edit their Home Guides themselves (coming soon!). You can check out your Home Guide once another trip is confirmed to your home in the Hosting Details page in the Kindred App.

If you have changes you’d like to see to your Home Guide, please reach out to your Concierge with those edits.